How To Identify Time-Wasting Habits

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We all wish we could maximize the effectiveness of every minute of our day. But there is a big difference in investing your time in productive activities and wasting time in unproductive things that add no value to your life or business.

It is critically important to identify the time-wasting habits in your life, the little seemingly harmless activities that are actually sucking time from you without your knowledge. These are the activities that cause you to wonder at the end of the day, where has the day gone and what have I accomplished?

The first step to breaking the cycle of time-wasting habits, like all bad habits, is to identify where you have gone wrong. To that end, I urge you to use this strategy over the next 30 days.

Productivity Journal

Invest in a journal, not just any journal, but a journal that clearly depicts your productive activity. This journal is to be used to help you keep track of your schedule that will lead to you reaching your goal. At the end of every hour or at intervals that better fit your schedule, take notes on what tasks you have done for the past hour.

Make this time log as detailed as possible, indicating exactly how many hours you invest on productive activity in the day. Account for every hour.

Being busy vs Being productive

Analyze your schedule and you will realize how much time you have spent in checking your emails, daydreaming, on social media, answering unnecessary phone calls, reading or watching unproductive gossip material, and a whole bunch of other non-productive related activities.

Some people think that by being busy that they are actually being productive. Not much gets accomplished by being busy, there is no concentrated effort on accomplishing a goal or task you need to complete.

A vs. B

The goal is to become conscious of your “A” activity (goal producing activity) vs. “B” activity (busy doing much of nothing).

Time is to be invested not wasted. Purpose gives meaning to WHY you are doing what you are doing. Utilize your productivity journal to get a firm grasp on how to identify your time-wasting habits.

Then and only then, would you be able to change your habits and watch all the unproductive activity slowly disappear from your time logs, and you will finally start to accomplish more goals in life by having more productive days!

So, start today, start now, identify and then eliminate your time-wasting habits and begin your journey towards a more fulfilling way of life!