Build A Brand That Connects With Your Clients

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Social networks have redistributed power into the hands of the consumer. To be effective at making connections with the people who support your business, you should aim to combine the best of both worlds – the immediacy of online channels and the intimacy of offline channels. Instead of delivering value-proposition messages, businesses should be distributing content that is useful and valuable for their clients.

To make your brand attractive, you must provide value, create an experience and engage in the online conversation. It is no longer about what the business is saying about its product or services; it is what the clients are saying that really matters. The goal is to enhance your clients’ experience online and offline, and how to convert your clients into brand advocates.

Enhancing your clients experience with your business, requires an investment of time, knowledge, focus, consistency, and money. There are 5 key effective online and high personal touch marketing tools that you can use to promote your business to all your potential and existing clients!

Website / Blog

If you do not have a website, how would your client know where to purchase your products or services? Your website is like your online business card. The key is to create a professional website or a blog containing all relevant information that connects you with your client. Your website should be professional, well designed and most importantly up to date. I have visited websites where the information has not been updated for years. If you have little knowledge about website designs, you can hire a professional website developer or brand building company to help you. Having a website gives you access to a bigger client base as you can direct practically anyone across the world to your website for valuable information about your business product or services. The aim of building an efficient business is to make it easy for your clients to do business with you.

Social networking

Capitalize on social networks e.g. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. Use these platforms to stay in touch and build a connection with your clients and/or potential clients. Imagine asking a question regarding your product or services on your business' Facebook page and almost instantly get feedback from your clients. Where else can you get such quick and direct feedback? The key is to set up a time when you will post to your social media platforms. One of the requirements to being effective is consistency. Marketing today is not about just about delivering clever messages but more importantly about having good conversations.

Article marketing

Sharing valuable information with your clients is key to getting results. You can do this by publishing educational articles on your blog page about your product or services that resonate with your clients. People are always looking for certain information on niche areas. By thinking in terms of problems that your clients face, it is far more likely that your articles will resonate with them. Alternatively, you can also write your own eBook and publish and distribute it through your website. The key to engagement is always to put the clients first, by making sure that all communication is relevant and provides value.

Business cards

Develop a professional business card which provides the details of your business as well as your contact information. Having a professional and quality business card shows potential clients that you are serious about your business. It is important that you have a professional business card on quality stock paper. It is advantageous to make investments in your business that advances the quality of its image. If you do not have an actual business card, you can use your social media platforms as your business card. That is what most people do anyway after meeting you. They get into the office or their home after meeting you and check your social media page. And this can either open doors for you or close doors.

Ask for referrals and leads

You can start by asking family members and friends for referrals. Some may be a little hesitant in giving you referrals at first, if you are new to business. Over time you can gain their trust by showing them that you are committed, reliable and serious about your business. Making a connect with your clients is about clearly defining your unique identity and strengthening it with authentic integrity to build a strong bond. Targeting the mind is no longer enough. You must also target the hearts of your clients! Build a brand that makes a connection with the people that you serve.