5 Tips to Brand the Culture of Your Team

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An organization with a thriving shared culture that is engaged and energized usually outperform their competitors. Culture is what makes teams and organizations great. Failing to shape your culture keeps your team from achieving improved results.

Be focused: Your commitment to the vision and goals of the business, will flow through the organization. To hold your team members accountable for new, improved results, be clear about the outcomes you want. As a leader, you must send consistent messages about striving for the specific outcomes you desire. This will enable your team to understand your message and can demonstrate how their work connects with the cited results.

A team with goals is like a sailing ship with a compass, a map, a rudder, and a skilled leader at the helm, sailing straight and true to a port of their own choosing. A team without goals is like a ship without these important aspects, simply rocking back and forth with the tides, making no progress in even the calmest sea.

Be empowered: Fuel your team. Create an atmosphere where the team can thrive, be committed to reading and sharing inspirational books and listening to teaching, training, and personal development audio programs.

Be innovative: Create webinars and have effective team meetings where everyone can share ideas. To empower your team, you must invite everyone in your organization, no matter what their level, to offer input, and to kick around ideas. Dig out buried treasure within your team. Everyone within your organization brings something of value. Do not let the talent and resourcefulness of your team go unnoticed. No matter how accomplished or well compensated they are, people need to feel appreciated. Show your team that you recognize how hard and how well they work.

Be responsible: Take ownership of your business. Be responsible and learn how to lead your team. You are in business for yourself…but not by yourself. Be forthright and transparent, and let your team know what goes on inside the company, good or bad. Show your trust by sharing insider knowledge. Withholding information from your team makes them suspicious of you and your processes, and they feel less connected to the company.

Be a mentor and be mentored: Commit to staying humble and teachable so that you can learn the skills you will need to be successful.

Let your words and actions line up with the desires of the organization! Ultimately you will become a reflection of your team and they will be a reflection of all your nurturing leadership.